Selling rental property due to  bed bugs and vermin

Selling rental property due to bed bugs and vermin

I recently had some issues with one of my rental properties.

  • I own numerous rental properties in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.

While I attempt to keep up with maintenance and repairs, the renters are often destructive. They don’t take proper care of the plumbing, air conditioning or the yard. They are not good about keeping a clean living environment and proper disposal of trash. Because of this, my own property became infested with vermin. There were issues with rats, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs. Despite all of those concerns, it took me over eight months to evict the renters. They weren’t paying their rent and yet refused to move out. When they finally vacated, and I saw the condition of the property, I simply wanted to get rid of it. I was unwilling to tackle such a disgusting renovation. I also knew that selling the property in its current condition would be just about impossible. I expected to take a huge loss. I then learned about the option of selling the property for cash. There are homebuyers in the Jacksonville area that will buy properties “as is.” There is no need to fumigate, make repairs or undergo a home inspection. There are no realtor fees or worries over financing. I simply filled out an online form. Minimal information was required. Within an hour, I received a cash offer. Considering the state of the property, the offer was reasonable. Once I accepted, the process moved along quickly and smoothly. It was a stress-free path to the closing date. I had cash in hand in under two weeks.

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